This year´s GCIG Autumn meeting was held in Berlin at the end of October. CEEGOG was represented there by its CEEGOG Manager, Mrs. Ivana Nohová, who was also invited to participate in a Brainstorming Session focusing on phase II trials. The discussion was targeted innovative phase II trial designs, how to integrate molecular biomarkers into phase II trial, how to use phase II to make a better phase III, how to design a clinical trial that is feasible in an international setting. The discussion conclusion will be summarized in a manuscript. 

Within the Harmonization operations committee meeting, Ivana Nohová delivered a presentation related to patient involvement within GCIG groups, the survey results thereon and their publication. During the Cervix committee meeting, she also provided an update on the recently initiated CEEGOG CX-05/ENGOT-cx16/CERVANTES trial to other GCIG groups.