CEEGOG is aware that time is the most precious item in all phases of clinical trials.

CEEGOG was founded to support opening of clinical trials in the Central / Eastern Europe, to assist in optimal selection of centers, to facilitate communication with all partners involved and to speed-up feasibility and start-up phase of clinical trials in gynecologic oncology. 

Thanks to our unique network of CEEGOG centers, we can provide the following services:

  • Feasibility
    • fast distribution among the centers with high response rate
  • Pre-study visit evaluation
    • detailed knowledge of the sites, their equipment and study team
  • Selection of suitable centers
    • up-to-date knowledge about the numbers of patients treated for each diagnosis, institutional guidelines and treatment protocols at individual centers, equipment available, composition of investigation teams and their experience and performance in previous trials 
  • Budget negotiations
    • facilitation of institutional-tailored negotiations and budget approval thanks to  knowledge of inward processes, conditions and contacts
  • Contract negotiations
    • facilitation of contract negotiations and contract approval at each site supported by knowledge of individual contract demands
  • Compilation of all necessary documents
    • updated CVs, GCP certificates, equipment certificates, lab ranges and certificates
  • Ethical committee approvals
    • knowledge of local requirements and contacts

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