The ENGOT-ENYGO-GCA workshop was held in Malaga in December 2022. Prof. David Cibula appeared among the Tutors and Speakers and three CEEGOG representatives attended the workshop. Dr. Zoltán Novák from the Hungarian National Institute of Oncology in Budapest represented CEEGOG in working group 1 dealing with  PARPi maintenance after 1st line treatment in advanced/recurrent TP53-mutant endometrial cancer.This group also discussed the development of the phase Ib/II randomized clinical trial of Everolimus and Lenvatinib in patients with advanced endometrial cancer who had failed to the previous immunotherapy. This group discussion was guided by Prof. Mansoor Raza-Mirza. 


Dr. Oleksandr Zub from the Ukrainian site at the Chernihiv Regional Oncological Center was involved in  working group 2 focused on surgical treatment of recurrent, advanced and metastatic endometrial cancer under the leadership of Prof. Andreas du Bois. Dr. Filip Frühauf from the General University Hospital in Prague contributed to working group 4 aimed at evaluating of the role of post surgery systemic therapy in upfront or relapsed setting in patients with aGCT. Tthe discussion was managed by Prof. Isabelle Ray-Coquard. 


Prof. David Cibula chaired working group 6 focused on real world evidence on current ovarian cancer management in Europe. 

Seven trials have been developed and each of them is now in different phase of negotiation with Pharma or trial initiation. It seems that the Stream trial focusing on surgical treatment in advanced endometrial cancers will be initiated as the first one. The other trials target rare tumors treatment (Ghost trial), PARPi maintenance in endometrial cancers (PARMA trial), futrher the addition of TOR inhibitors in endometrial cancers (trial called Eleven), re-treatment with PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancers (trial called OLACE) and the Trastuzumab treatment in endometrial cancer (Patrice trial). The last developed trial deals with ESGO quality indicators and real world clinical data and their evidence in current ovarian cancer managements in Europe. The mentioned trials must receive the support from Pharma or ENGOT and then they will be initiated. You will be informed on each trial once the trial is prepared for site selection and initiation.