The Spring ENGOT meeting was held at the beginnning of this March in Milano. CEEGOG was represented by its Chairman Prof. David Cibula, Vice-Chairman Dr. Filip Frühauf and the administrative Manager Mrs. Ivana Nohová. On the first day, the meeting of operational representatives and also the strategic meeting were held. At the operational meeting, we discussed group experience with the CTIS, Regulatory Authority surveillance which is one of the Sponsor´s responsibilities for each trial. Further, the Irish group talked about green trials which focus on protecting the environment and mitigating the environmental burden of conducting clinical trials. Further discussion aimed at translational research, different group organisations and document sharing by groups.  


The assembly meeting was held on March 10, 2023. From the CEEGOG studies, an update on the FERTISS and SENTIX study was mentioned. Among the new trial ideas, the trials developed within the GCA academy held in December of last year were introduced.  

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