The GCA targets translational research, Phase 1/Phase 2 trials and Ph1 drugs development involving researchers and specialist in Ph1-2 clinical studies.

The 7th GCA workshop took place in Copenhagen on May 13 – 14, 2016. CEEGOG was represented by three physicians, Jaroslav Klát (University Hospital in Ostrava), Michal Zikán (General University Hospital in Prague) and Roman Kocián (General University Hospital in Prague).

During this creative meeting, which was supervised  by Prof. Ignace Vergote (Chair) and  Antonio Casado (Co-Chair) national network representatives presented phase 1, 2 trial proposals. Prof. Cristiana Sessa delivered a key note lecture focused on how Phase 1/2 should be carried on and how Phase 1 trials are being managed in Bellinzona Oncology Institute in Southern Switzerland. Dr. Mirza Mansoor (Dep. of Oncology, Copenhagen University Hospital) introduced a Ph 2 randomized Umbrella Trial in Recurrent Ovarian Cancer combining PD-L1 antagonist Durvalumab with an agent targeting immunosuppression in the tumor bed (AZD 5069, AZD 9150) as a complementary antitumor strategy. Later, individual proposals  were discussed and remarked. The  high importance of the annual meeting with ENGOT support was emphasised and  it was agreed to continue discussion via a teleconference in June 2016.

Should you need futher information, you are welcome to contact the CEEGOG office.