Ovarian cancer study
Women with relapsed ovarian cancer can take part in SOLO3, a clinical study for ovarian cancer, supported by AstraZeneca, to help scientists find better treatments for this disease.  This page provides information about the SOLO3 clinical trial.
A clinical study of olaparib in women who:

Have previously been diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer, peritoneal cancer, and/or fallopian tube cancer and their disease has come back. 

Have an inherited BRCA mutation. In case of an unknown BRCA status, patients are eligible to undergo BRCA testing even if they have not yet had recurrence or progression of disease >6 months (>/=183 days) after completion of their last platinum therapy. Note: The BRCA test is covered by the sponsor.

Have completed at least two courses of platinum-based chemotherapy, and finished the last course at least six months ago.  Platinum agents are carboplatin, cisplatin, and oxalaplatin
Have a tumor that has shrunk or disappeared following their last course of platinum-based chemotherapy
For information on SOLO3 participating study locations for referrals, please visit www.astrazenecaclinicaltrials.com and enter ‘SOLO3’ in the search box.