On March 3 - 4, 2017, a meeting of representatives of the twenty national trial groups was held in Spanish Valencia. CEEGOG was represented by its Chairman Prof. David Cibula and the administrative manager Mrs. Ivana Nohová.  

The Engot Admin meeting focused on EU regulations, the GCP amendment, trial budgeting, the ENGOT welcome package, the new ENGOT website, and on the summary of the strategic meeting held in Copenhagen in October 2016.
The main topic of the ENGOT assembly meeting involved trial activities and the status of collaboration as usual. The CEEGOG/ENGOT trials, i.e. the SENTIX trial and the ABRAX trial were disscussed, too. There is big interest to join the ABRAX study within ENGOT groups. It was agreed to send out the ABRAX protocol to all ENGOT groups.
The status of collaboration was presented and the integration of ENGOTgroups with less activity was also discussed. Altough being a relatively small and new group, CEEGOG is ranked among the active groups within ENGOT thanks to their Chairman´s activity and CEEGOG centers interest to participate in ENGOT trials. Moreover, Prof. David Cibula delivered again a presentation on the new project idea – SEDLIS 2020.
Other topics of discussion were as follows: rare tumors, how to manage competition with pharma and GOG, TR activity and tumor bank, finances and website, update on publication rules, GCA workshops, PhaseI/II trials and EVA privileged partnership.
For more information, you are welcome to contact the CEEGOG office.