CEEGOG was represented by Roman Kocian in the meeting. Participants were welcomed by Prof. Ignace Vergote, Cristiana Sessa, Antonio Casado.
First, we discussed finalisation of umbrella trial synopsis for the following proposals: Alejandro Perez Fidalgo for recurrent endometrial cancer, Ros Glasspool on the Umbrella trial in platinum-refractory recurrent ovarian cancer, Nicole Concin on the Umbrella trial in Non-HRD recurrent ovarian cancer, Ronnie Shapira on the Umbrella trial in recurrent cervical cancer. Cristiana Sessa presented a new trial proposal on behalf of Viola Heinzelmann, President of Gyn working group of the SAKK, on a Phase II study with the MELK inhibitor in platinum resistant OvCa.
Second, funding strategies were discussed: e.g. if one trial can be realised in one country, other countries will try to join via self-organisation of funding within their country for this specific trial (e.g. by contacting the industry representative in the specific country or by applying for academic funding at national research bodies).
Third, the group reviewed the list of centres from each country for ENGOT Ph I/II network received from the national trial groups. The group suggested to abolish the limitation in the number of centres. The most important factor for a centre to be nominated should be experience in early Phase clinical trial performance in gynaecological malignancies and interest in doing so (feasibility questionnaire will be created and send out via ENGOT office to national trial groups).

Finally, there is an upcoming meeting with the industry in October 2017, where Ph1/Ph2 representatives will present their trial proposals. In relation to that, prof. Vergote spoke about the existing ENGOT rules on the cooperation with the industry