CEEGOG representatives in ENGOT projects should be replaced after a certain period of time. Currently, position are open for new candidates in the Phase I/II group and in the GCA (Gyne Cancer Academy).

Phase I/II group aims at the development of a network of early phase trial centres and investigators within ENGOT to deliver early phase clinical trials with strong scientific rationale, and to develop novel trial designs that allow efficient assessment of new compounds and make it feasible to also investigate rare histological and molecular subtypes.

GCA- educative workshops aim at the training and development of the next generation of leaders in gynaecological oncology. The experienced physicians in gynecology oncology prepare programs and lead the disscussion. Topics targeted the effective clinical trial design and collaboration, implementation, conduct and analysis within the ENGOT framework. Participants are experienced investigators who are not yet fully in a position to lead cooperative groups but have the potential to adopt this role in the future.