The spring ENGOT meeting took place in Frankfurt am Main, on March 21-22.

The administrative meeting highlighted the following topics: mentoring, BREXIT and Sponsor/ legal representative in EU, trial budget, pharmacovigilance survey, sharing group resources, General Data Protection Regulation.

The ENGOT Chair, Antonio González Martín, gave update on the ongoing trials where he also informed on the CEEGOG trials: ABRAX, FERTISS and SENTIX. David Cibula update on the SOV09/VITALIA trial with dendritic cells in patients with advanced ovarian cancer (sponsor Sotio).

Discussions were held on the ENGOT strategic group, establishment of a trial support office, biobank project, and COST program. Antonio González Martín mentioned the new clinical trial section in the IJGC. ENGOT is going to prepare a list of trials that could be published there.

Voting on election of new chairs was conducted. Both Maren Keller from NOGGO for the operational group and Mansoor Raza Mirza for the medical doctors were approved unanimously.