On October 17 - 18, 2019, a meeting of representatives of the twenty-one national trial groups was held in Madrid. CEEGOG was represented by its Chairman Prof. David Cibula and the administrative manager Mrs. Ivana Nohová. 

The Engot Operational Representatives’ meeting focused on the ENGOT documents to be updated and the country fees related to clinical trials.  

The main topic of the ENGOT assembly meeting dealt with trial activities and the status of ENGOT trials. The ENGOT collaborative groups´representatives were also updated on the CEEGOG/ENGOT trials, i.e. ABRAX, SENTIX and FERTISS. Prof. Cibula presented new substantial information regarding the Vitalia/SOV09/ ENGOT-ov53 trial where CEEGOG is the leading group. 

For more information, you are welcome to contact the CEEGOG office.