The 12th Gynaecological Cancer Academy  workshop followed the ENGOT meeting in Madrid in October 18-19, 2019. CEEGOG was represented by Dr. Vít Weinberger (UH Brno, Czech Republic). 

The first day focused on cervical, endometrial, ovarian, vulvar cancers and rare tumors with endeavour for identification of important questions which are necessary to stipulate in the identifying need to design any clinical trial for the respective diagnosis. The Pharma representatives delivered presentations on their procedures and needs in case they consider a clinical trial for the respective clinical topic. 

The second day logically followed up on the previous day´s topics with presentations on biostatistics, key-stones of planning clinical trials phase I, II, III. Dr. Weinberger found the workshop very informative because it showed the direction our CEEGOG sites need to follow. It will certainly take longer to accomplish.