The GCIG Fall meeting was held in Athens October 31 -  November 1, 2019, together with the Symptom Benefit Brainstorming Session. The sessions focused on Quality of Life issues pertaining to immunotherapy and maintenance therapy, Age-specific Quality of Life and related issues in gynecologic malignancies, Survivorship Quality of Life and related issues, and Advancing methodology. CEEGOG was represented by Dr. Vladyslav Shukin (Ukraine) and Dr. Aleksandra Strojna (Poland). 

The GCIG Young Investigators program was conducted within the GCIG fall meeting as well. The aim of the program was to foster the involvement of more young investigators within the GCIG. A satellite session targeted key elements of trial design and execution: scientific justification, design, statistics, PRO endpoints, data integrity, and international cooperation. CEEGOG was represented by Dr. Filip Frühauf (Czech Republic). 

Dr. Vladyslav Sukhin, Dr. Aleksandra Strojna and Dr. Filip Frühauf also participated in the main GCIG session together with the CEEGOG Chairman Prof. David Cibula and the administrative manager Mrs. Ivana Nohová on November 1, 2019. The GCIG ongoing and planned trials were introduced and discussed  there. Prof. David Cibula delivered a talk about the planned CEEGOG CX-05/CERVANTES ​trial (a prospective randomized trial ​on the role of radical surgery and adjuvant therapy​ in the management of intermediate / high risk​ cervical cancer patients) whose design was then consulted not only at the GCIG meeting but also at the ESGO congress held in Athens on November 2-5, 2019.