The election of new CEEGOG leadership was conducted at the CEEGOG meeting held in Prague on December 13, 2019. The new CEEGOG leadership consists of the following representatives: Chair DAVID CIBULA (General University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic); Vice-Chair FILIP FRÜHAUF (General University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic); Financial Manager MIKULÁŠ REDECHA (UH Bratislava, Slovakia), and Controller MAJA PAKIŽ (University Medical Centre Maribor, Slovenia). 

Article 13 of the newly approved CEEGOG Bylaws stipulates the setting up of the Scientific committee consisting of 5 members, each one of them from a different Center, representing at least 4 countries. Its main role is to review applications and decide on the selection of candidates for scientific appointments (i.e. representation at ENGOT sub-groups, GCIG working groups, etc.) together with the CEEGOG officers. The following representatives were elected to be members of the first CEEGOG Scientific committee: MARCIN STANISLAW BOBIŃSKI; Medical Uniwersity of Lublin, Poland; ZOLTÁN NOVÁK; Hungarian National Oncological Institute, Budapest, Hungary; ANDREI PLETNEV; N.N. Alexandrov National Cancer Center of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus; VLADYSLAV SUKHIN; Grigoriev Institute for Medical Radiology, Kharkov, Ukraine; MICHAL ZIKÁN; Hospital Na Bulovce, Prague, Czech Republic.

Congratulations to the newly elected officers and Scientific committee members! We look forward to our close cooperation! We hope that CEEGOG under the new leadership, and with the help of the newly elected Scientific members, will continue in its gradual development, and all CEEGOG countries and sites will be involved in our research activities and clinical trials.